Dr. Kat Smith

Positive Power of "P"

LIMITED TIME: GET 50% OFF! The Positive Power of P program will empower you to achieve the pleasure you deserve and no longer neglect your needs. You'll have real power based on good old common sense derived from knowledge and strategy.

Dr. Kat Smith

Creating a Love Vision Board

Manifestation begins with your vision of what you wish to experience, and its very powerful. Use that power to manifest Love and Romance by creating your love vision board.

Dr. Kat Smith

Return to Romance

Does your relationship need a jolt of excitement? Are daily responsibilities keeping your mind and body in work mode? Well, it’s time to take steps to Return to Romance.

Dr. Kat Smith

Intimately Feminine - Embracing Female Sexuality

A complete guide into female sexuality. Covering the basics of anatomy, sexual health, desire and satisfaction.

Dr. Kat Smith

Balancing Love & Life

Intimacy for the independent woman. Success doesn't make you unlovable. You deserve love and you can have it all. It just takes balance. You've got this!

Dr. Kat Smith

ABCs of Intimacy

Intimacy is the foundation for your house of love to stand. What is your relationship standing on? Learn your ABCs for love and deep intimacy.